Not Your Parent’s Cliff Notes

by Marianne Richmond on August 27, 2005

School starts on Monday for my 7th grader which means the summer long countdown to finish the math packet and the summer reading books is about to end…ready or not. It our house it seems not to matter if we actually start early in the summer or late, it just wouldn’t seem like the last weekend of summer if we weren’t still trying to complete it before M-O-N-D-A-Y! To complicate our lives even more, we just got a puppy. So, the other night a frantic call from our house to a friend’s house regarding a puppy crisis found their household in the middle of a summer reading crisis. A quick swap…help me solve the puppy problem and I will help you solve the reading problem. Google, the source of most if not all of life’s problems revealed,  No need to leave the comfort of your own crisis, Pink Monkey had the book in  question, the information was FREE and instantly available and they promised hundreds of other titles. You have to pay to download. I was ready to completely write off Cliff Notes, my own personal long time friend and constant companion during junior high and high school as being as dated as the library card catalog when I decided to Google, Cliff Notes. Sorry, Cliff Notes…you too are instantly available on line.

And now for the real question:  Are many blogs just like Cliff Notes?  You don’t read the story, you read about the story…over and over and over again. I think bloggers should at least add a personal comment or two when they post a "new flash" quickly excerpted from someone else’s blog or the morning news…otherwise what’s the point?  What do you think?

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