Paneras Bread Internet Oasis

by Marianne Richmond on August 16, 2005

It all started with a Saturday afternoon trip to Sam’s Club for some baby back ribs. My 12 year old son, Sam was scheduled to get braces on the next week so we were going to grill some ribs and corn on the cob. An offhand comment about the fact that it looked like it was going to rain as we walked in turned into the reality of the biggest rainstorm I think I have ever been in…and that includes 6 years in Florida and 5 years in New York. As we watched the shopping carts hurling across the parking lot it never crossed my mind that the power would go out for FOUR DAYS. Well, it did and that meant no lights, no laundry, no AC, no morning coffee, and for Sam no PS2 or TV and for me….no email,no Internet, no blogs, need I go on? If not for Paneras, aka St. Louis Bread I think we might not have survived. I think many people would agree judging by the army of cell phones and laptops charging in every available plug and the happy faces of the Internet starved and just plain starved people in all of the St. Louis Bread locations we patronized during our ordeal. The Wi-fi is free at Paneras and although the coffee isn’t Starbucks a free port in this storm, plus cinnamon crunch bagels was indeed an Oasis.

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