Improving Personal Productivity

by Marianne Richmond on September 28, 2005

I was sitting at my computer multi-tasking….with part of my brain I was going through my Blogline feeds and with the other part of my brain I was pondering once again the issue of, what is best summarized as organizing for improving personal productivity. My list of business ideas (or ideas for business), both the ones that actually make it onto a list and the ones that remain inside my head or are formulated in a conversation and then go straight up to forgotten idea heaven….the part of heaven which is adjacent to balloon heaven where I used to tell my kids their cherished but let go of balloons went so they wouldn’t cry….is far longer than my actual businesses, products, or services. As I scanned my feeds I was thinking about everything from ways to tweak/track my project organization structure to the questions of maybe I should hire a virtual assistant or hire a coach. And then, I got to Matt Homan’s blog post called "Printable Partner" referrencing David Seah’s blog post with the "Printable CEO" template….Matt is correct, it is simply brilliant. So thanks Matt and Dave… I’m going to give it a try!

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