Blogging and Baseball

by Marianne Richmond on October 20, 2005

Jim Turner on Blog Business Consulting references a baseball and blogging metaphor from Steve Rubel that a combination of a mention on someone’s blog and a link is like a home run while a link without a mention is like a double; a blog link/mention in a popular feed would be a Grand Slam. Turner says that, "the real pinnacle is reached when someone subscribes to your feed and returns."

Well take tonight in St. Louis for instance… a real pinnacle for the Cardinals would have been a repeat of the 9th inning home run by Albert Pujols that won the game on Monday…unfortunately there was no subscription to the feed and all the attention turned to the Astros.

Except of course, the St. Louis fans lingering at Busch Stadium…that is old Busch Stadium not to be confused with new Busch Stadium going up right next to it….okay I don’t get the whole new stadium thing so I will drop it right here. Actually, I am just kind of hoping that maybe the new Busch will get back the awesome hot dog mustard relish of my childhood that disappeared sometime during my NYC years, replaced by the mustard dispensers that I understand were being yanked out of the walls tonight as souvenirs by those sentimental Cardinal fans….or we will see them on Ebay tomorrow.

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