The Tag Not Taken

by Marianne Richmond on October 22, 2005

It has been one of those two steps forwards one step backwards weeks….and one of the two-steps has been my adventures in tagging. To make a long post short, I had been feeling under-tagged for quite some time..I got the idea, just not the execution. Like many similar things that require that missing part of my brain to implement, I just kept putting off the OK, I’ll read the instruction manual part hoping that one of those little tag clouds would just float on over and the tagging elves would make it happen. So, while that wasn’t happening, a post by Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing on the very issue of being tag challenged actually started a series of steps that ultimately solved the problem for both of us (well it’s solved for Toby…this post will let me know if it’s solved for me) thanks to Marshall Kirkpatrick, whose bookmarklett reduced it all to one little web 2.0 version of fill in the blank!

So…all the great back and forth conversation and support from Marshall and Beth and Toby, started by tagging, the topic, really is what blogging and tagging and all the awesome new tools, in reality,  are all about, right? And since this post is also a test to see if my tags, powered by Pingshot, will actually launch me into Technorati heaven and it has been such a two- step week, I will close with the wish that,

                        I shall be telling this with a sigh
                        Somewhere ages and ages hence:
                        Two tags diverged in a wood, and I–
                        I took the one less traveled by,
                        And that has made all the difference.


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