Hype, Buzz, Budget, Blogs, and Commodity Products

by Marianne Richmond on November 4, 2005

A great post at Crossroads Dispatches really gets to the heart of why the UpYourBudget blog is a perfect example of great hype but not of a blog as buzz, word of mouth, or business building. She says, speaking as a customer, that "You know you’re a commodity when I have to look for the rental
agreement jacket to remember which agency to return the car to at the
airport… give me a remarkable distinguishable service and experience, then you’re conversing."

The blog and the promotion are not conversations, more like screaming…usually what we feel like doing when at the rental counter. As far as the purchase decision goes, as License to Roam notes, one may begin the search for a car with Budget based upon the immediate hype…but the decision will be made most likely based upon price, availability convenience, and importantly how good or bad the last rental experience was or is remembered.

I think Budget might want to look at what their customers treasure, instead of sending them on a treasure hunt.


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