It’s the Content Stupid!

by Marianne Richmond on November 1, 2005

The Experience Manifesto notes the real importance of Apples new IPOD Video…that is, the sale of the content….

"I guess this starts to give us some answer about what people are
willing to pay for content! And that’s the key to what Apple has done.
There have been other video players on the market for much longer, but
it’s the addition of content that makes the video iPod so
powerful. Interestingly, there seems to be an appetite for
infomercials/long form commercials for the iPod. Not surprisingly,
there’s talk of a boom in the porn business too." *

We don’t apparently know exactly how many Video Ipods have been sold, but according to BusinessWeek, there have been 1MM video downloads so far…or as the New York Post put it ,  sold hungry techheads more than 1 million videos."   

And as the video content owners are hungrily taking advantage of the new opportunity for content distribution, the ad guys are even more excited most likely…video content for sale on the Internet complete with….. advertising. Ads that can be targeted to individual purchasers for the longed for one-to-one relationship so coveted by hungry advertisers.

Moral of the Story:  Everyone in the food chain thrives on good content.


* Just in time for Christmas…IPOD Porn; Yes,  Moms and Dads, one more thing to worry about.


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