Discrimination at SIU????

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Justice Department has accused SIU (Southern Illinois University) violating the Federal Civil Rights laws (Title VII) by discriminating against whites, men and others in their graduate fellowship programs. The programs cited were: FELLOWSHIP: Bridge to the Doctorate Started: 2004 Award: $30,000 stipend, plus $10,500 for education expenses Purpose: "For… Continue reading Discrimination at SIU????

Returning From BlawgThink 2005

BlawgThink 2005 was truly awesome! Matt Homann and Dennis Kennedy did an incredible job pulling everything together with an incredible group of attendees and speakers.  I will be posting further details and perspectives later in the week…suffice it to say I learned a lot and came away with some really valuable insights and ideas. Thanks… Continue reading Returning From BlawgThink 2005

Expectation and Customer Experience

This post has two purposes. The first is to discuss expectation and our overall customer experience as determined by customer service or tech support. Probably that is the experience you are expecting based upon the title.  The second, is to test what I have now called, the Mystery of the Technorati Tags.  The Technorati Tag… Continue reading Expectation and Customer Experience

What’s the Buzz?

The November issue of INC. has a fascinating article which describes how the blog, Delicious Destination whose intent was to create buzz, hit an initial buzzsaw from the blogosphere but was ultimately put back on course by the marketing savvy of Toby Bloomberg of Bloomberg Marketing. It seems that the blog has a fictional character… Continue reading What’s the Buzz?

Hype, Buzz, Budget, Blogs, and Commodity Products

A great post at Crossroads Dispatches really gets to the heart of why the UpYourBudget blog is a perfect example of great hype but not of a blog as buzz, word of mouth, or business building. She says, speaking as a customer, that "You know you’re a commodity when I have to look for the… Continue reading Hype, Buzz, Budget, Blogs, and Commodity Products

Word-of -Mouth and Blog Marketing on Campus

According to a new study by Alloy Marketing +Media and Harris Interactive customer evangelism and word of mouth marketing have become the most dominant form of advertising on college campuses. The study reports that 91% of college students are influenced by advertising supported by customer recommendations, but peer endorsements are an even more important factor… Continue reading Word-of -Mouth and Blog Marketing on Campus

It’s the Content Stupid!

The Experience Manifesto notes the real importance of Apples new IPOD Video…that is, the sale of the content…. "I guess this starts to give us some answer about what people are willing to pay for content! And that’s the key to what Apple has done. There have been other video players on the market for… Continue reading It’s the Content Stupid!

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