What’s the Buzz?

by Marianne Richmond on November 7, 2005

The November issue of INC. has a fascinating article which describes how the blog, Delicious Destination whose intent was to create buzz, hit an initial buzzsaw from the blogosphere but was ultimately put back on course by the marketing savvy of Toby Bloomberg of Bloomberg Marketing. It seems that the blog has a fictional character named T. Alexander and although this was disclosed, some inside the blogosphere took exception and called a technical: violation of the authentic rule. I think this was a bad call.

The heat has most recently been on Panasonic’s Def Perception, where Tosh Bilowski has recently been revealed to be, a fictional character. Amy Gahran at Contenious has been posting about this for over a week. 

You can read the Gourmet Station Delicious Destination story yourself at Toby’s blog, Diva Marketing.

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