Blogging at the Institute with Danny Wedding

by Marianne Richmond on December 15, 2005

A required class on Mental Health Policy , offered in the evening was not high on my list of classes I was anticipating to like at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work in the fall of 2003. But I was not anticipating Professor Danny Wedding….the class was awesome!

Besides being an authority on Mental Health Policy, Danny is Director and Professor of Psychiatry at the Missouri Institute for Mental Health, the Center for Policy, Research and Training for the Department of Mental Health. Danny has written books on psychotherapy,  movies and mental illness, memory and numerous others topics. He is the editor of Contemporary Psychology and is a frequent speaker. He has a long list of degrees, and most recently acquired a Master’s degree in English. I admit envy…in my dream life I would be a professional student.

Simply put, Danny is a really interesting guy and a conversation with Danny is always thought provoking and fun. So, several months ago when I was thinking about who in St. Louis should be blogging, Danny Wedding immediately came to mind. And sure enough, he was blogging. He invited me to come down to the MIMH and participate in their Speaker’s Series and that’s where I spent the morning today….talking about blogging. With all the interesting things that are happening there, I hope they will add their voices to the blogosphere.

Danny is requiring students in his Mental Health Policy class to set up a blog for their final grade….he was kind enough to give me credit for what I think was his great idea. When I took his class, he required a power point. He has set up a blog for the class, a kind of interactive syllabus, which is really a great blog application. So, I am going to add Danny’s class blog to my power point presentation on blogging….and  I will look forward to learning a little more about Mental Health Policy through the student blogs. I think there is a Venn diagram in there someplace.

Update: Danny, Mary Ann Boyd and  Ryan Niemiec have a blog for the 3rd edition of Movies and Mental Illness. Check it out!

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