Lies, Damn Lies, and Lists

by Marianne Richmond on December 31, 2005

It’s that time of year again….525,600 minutes to measure and another 525,600 minutes to resolve: New Year’s Resolution lists, the review of 2005’s list and the making of the 2006 list. Technorati is tracking resolutions by blog, by minute (looks like about a post per minute) and Dave Sifry’s Alerts explains how to tag them. Ice Rocket tracked 22,771 posts while the Technorati current English total is 42,665.

I could always put "Stop Procrastinating" at the top of any of my resolution lists and just to illustrate that I have again not achieved this objective, I am sitting here writing about lists. Of course there are lots of learning and behavior theories that could be useful in explaining the annual list making process….many of these theories could even incorporate procrastination. I think it would be best to immediately invoke the Ockham’s Razor principle of simplicity: give the simplest answer compatible with current experience otherwise all that will be explained is my procrastination.

My simple list, with the following disclaimer: it’s all about me. For a really great  Bloggers Wish List for 2006, see Toby Bloomberg at Diva Marketing. For a list on How to Fix Your Life in 2006 see the Wall Street Journal.

1. Control what I can, let go of the rest. Work on definitions.
2. Listen more. Say thank you.
3. Compartmentalize; family first.
4. Make a daily list, check it twice. No pouting OR shouting.
5. Use Mind Map.

Happy 2006!

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