Update from the Tag Patrol

by Marianne Richmond on December 12, 2005

Technorati has announced a new ping page which allows one-click pinging for signed-in members with  claimed blogs. The page lets you know that Technorati your pings are getting through and that Technorati has visited your blog. This is helpful.  But as A Consuming Experience points out and I will quote,  there is still that maddening little tag problem:

"And while it’s good that they are regularly indexing, I wish they would fix the problems with their tag pages  (or maybe tags indexing or tags database), which clearly people arestill experiencing  – I’ve found myself that my post on how to offer different lengths of feed to your subscribers
isn’t showing up on their tag pages though it’s clearly on their index.
I don’t know if it’s because I included code in that post, but some
guidance as to what can break their system would be helpful so we know
what to avoid."


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