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by Marianne Richmond on January 21, 2006

Paul Williams, the CEO of  iKarma, a reputation management system company stopped by the blogger table yesterday at WOMMA and introduced himself. He was going to be speaking at a break out session the next day about "Reputation Managment For Fun and Profit."

Paul Williams is the CEO of a company called iKarma
which is an online reputation management system similar conceptually to
the Ebay feedback system. The iKarma system is an open system where
comments and feedbacks regarding your business or service can be posted
by clients and customers. You set up an account with Ikarma and can
start rating businesses and services with a 1-5 star rating and open
comments. The business or person that is written about can respond. iKarma takes your positive word of mouth and puts it into a form that you can use to build your business.

The model is the ebay feedback system; you use a vendor, you fill out a feedback form, it is tallied and put in the database. The next buyer knows how many complaints he has and the resolution of them The consumer becomes informed through the combined feedback of others. The benefit to the "good guys’, the ones that provided a positive  customer experience is that their good reputation grows and so does their business.

The form that provides the business the information is below:

Search & Review

To Search:
Our basic search allows you to search for a user by email or iKarma ID.
We will be opening our iKarma Directory and additional search options
in the coming days.

To Review: You can post an iKarma
review on anyone. You just need to know their email address or iKarma
ID. If the person you are reviewing is not already listed in iKarma,
your initial post will actually create an iKarma Page for them, and
they will be sent a notice of your post along with instructions about
customizing their iKarma profile.

To post a review, first search to see if the person is already profiled.   

iKarma ID:
Email Address:

iKarma seems to be getting positive word of mouth from the blogosphere.

Paul Williams suggests that "you can turn bloggers into happy
customers or you can turn your happy customers into bloggers." Your
customers, he said are friendly, already like you, have friends and
family and have active social lives;bloggers already hate you, have
online friends and live at home with their mothers. Customers give you
standard WOM which is limited to your circle of friends. Relationship
Management Systems (RMS) such as iKarma give you unlimited reach and
influence. RMS can add credibility to customer opinions. WOM has more
power,advertising has more reach. RMS has more endurance. Makes good sense.


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