Using Word of Mouth: Civic Ventures

by Marianne Richmond on January 26, 2006

Civic Ventures is a
think tank and incubator that creates and funds programs that
capitalize on the experience and expertise of baby boomers for social
good. They view the baby boomer population as an asset of
unprecendented human capital that provides a return on experience
(ROE), an experience dividend to society. They seek to reframe the idea
of retirement as a time of renewal that will benefit society as well as
the individual. They develop ideas and programs that engage people in pathways that bring about greater good and generate a measurable return.

Civic Ventures has also understands the impact of word-of-mouth as highlighted at last weeks WOMMA conference. They have a blog called Age of Innovation which is edited David Bank, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal. They provide a page of resources for journalists covering the aging baby boomers. They have a program called The Purpose Prize which
I mentioned in a blog post. I received an email from Jim Emerman
thanking me for mentioning them.

Now that the deadline for the Purpose Prize is approaching I received an email addressed to bloggers, listservs and newsletters that provided information about the Purpose Prize, the February 28th deadline for applications and a request to help get the word out.

At the Purpose Prize site
they have a “thank you” page for those that have helped spread the word
and a page of various tools and information to help do just that. They
even have a Purpose Prize e card.

word of mouth begins with a great product or service. This is the
foundation that supports WOM. There were many concepts and elements of
WOM that were discussed at the WOMMA conference that are apparent in the efforts of Civic Ventures beginning with the Purpose Prize itself. They are on line with their message. They are engaging in the conversation by having their own blog.
They are providing information to influence the voices to do their jobs
better….journalists, bloggers.  They are providing tools such as the
e-card to help friends spread the word to friends.  They are providing
vehicles for people to become part of the experience. They are providing stories of those all ready involved in the experience.

If you were not able to attend the WOMMA Conference last week, visit the WOMMA site and blog. WOMMA has made the presentations available and the blog provides written as well as video and podcast coverage.

Now, “The Purpose Prize awards $100,000 each
to five innovators who are taking on society’s biggest challenges. It’s
for those with the passion and experience to discover new
opportunities, create new programs, and make lasting change.” Complete

details are available at .And the deadline for applications is February 28, 2006.


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