Well it is Disruptive

by Marianne Richmond on January 29, 2006

According to the MIT Advertising Lab there is “finally a shelf talker that actually talks.” Oh goody! The Shelf Ads start talking when an unsuspecting shopper stops at the shelf. The P.O.P Shelf Ads web site says that the advertising message is delivered to the shopper at the time they are considering buying. I guess the definition of “considering to buy” is stopping  a shopping cart.  The “shelf talker” also collects transactional data that can  be linked to marketing expenditures.  And it is small and wireless and uses RFID technology. Even so, the talking shelf looks old model to me. Engagement, not innterruption is the new model and talking shelf advertising is interruption. If marketing is a conversation, stopping to look at a product doesn’t qualify as a conversation starter. Apparently Coke, Kraft and other big advertisers are testing the system. The headline in Ad Age kind of said it all, “Digital Device Detects Motion, Plays Spot When Shoppers Walk By.” Consumer motion, the new definition of permission marketing?

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