WOMMA: Blog That Chart! And Other Conference Buzz

by Marianne Richmond on January 23, 2006

There is a lot being written about the WOMMA Conference…the WOMBAT Blog has some blogger updates from the conference and as of this morning has nine new videos from Doug Atkin, Pete Blackshaw, Bob Garfield, Jamie Tedford, Laurie Weisberg, Mark Kingdon, Paul Rand, Steve Friedman, and Ted Wright. The video is also available at the cobrandit site. There is also a request for comments and thoughts about the WOMMA WOMBAT conference.

Here are some other places that show the word getting out. Technorati has tracked 1,420 posts containing WOMMA. Technorati has a relatively new feature called Blog That Chart!  and if you enter a tag you can get your own chart. And if you are really chart centric, you can enter some code, post it to you blog and it will automatically update. Just for illustration (and because I could) I have put a Blog That Chart! for WOMMA in my left sidebar.

Other WOMMA tracking spots are Feedster, Blogpulse and IceRocket. And from the main stream: Advertising is Obsolete. Everyone Says So . OK, well that was the New York Times article headline and of course it had just a little spin to it. Advertising is not dead: it is changing. Visit the WOMBAT Blog. Conference coverage was live, not ghost written!
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