links for 2006-03-01 – In the Lead evaluation standards for reps may be big problem (tags: customer service, satisfaction, customer, training, leadership) DOWNLOAD THE 53-PAGE AD AGE FACTPACK All the data on agencies, spending, size. (tags: advertising, media, direct marketing, lists, agencies,marketing)

links for 2006-02-27

Microsoft Office Training: Add graphics and keep them where you want them great how to via Tom Mighell (tags: microsoft office, word, graphics,tools) Strategic Public Relations: 10 Flickr Hacks more ways to use flickr via Steve Rubel (tags: flickr, blogs, advertising,marketing, PR, blogging, hacks, web 2.0, cgm)

WOMM: Monkeys Confirm Importance of Influencers in Attention

A research study on the time course of attention conducted at Duke University Medical Center using male macaques found that lower status monkeys shifted their attention to a target within a tenth of a second after a higher status money did so and that higher status monkeys shifted attention only half as quickly and only… Continue reading WOMM: Monkeys Confirm Importance of Influencers in Attention

links for 2006-02-26

The Future of the Blog Mena Trott interview about the future of blogging and Six Apart.Talks about Comet but only allows that its about design and filtering readership. (tags: blog ,blogs , Typepad, Movable Type, Future, Six Apart, Design, User, Comet, MSM)

links for 2006-02-25

Alex Barnett blog : 20 thoughts on Attention (tags: attention, blogs, RSS, tagging, technology, web2.0, business, networks,search)

links for 2006-02-24

WebMD wants to go beyond information | CNET (tags: online , health care, WebMD, web2.0) MIT Advertising Lab: future of advertising and advertising technology: Tobaccowala To Lead Future Ad Practices Group (tags: advertising,marketing, digital, mobile, media, marketing, technology)

links for 2006-02-23

In Search of the Buy Button – (tags: Neuroscience , marketing, advertising) This Is Your Brain On Money – (tags: Neuroscience , neuroeconomics, behavior, cognition) Money Doesn’t Make People Happy – (tags: economics, Neuroscience , behavior, happiness)

Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

Google appointed Dr. Larry Brilliant to head its corporate philantrophic program, Google has pledged 1% of its annual profits and 1% of its stock with a current value of 1$ billion to Dr. Brilliant according to the WSJ has had extensive non-profit public health and private-sector tecnology experience. His background includes working to… Continue reading Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

links for 2006-02-22

IBM: Untangling Office Connections (tags: social network analysis, business, organizations) Charlene Li’s Blog: Forrester’s Social Computing report (tags: web2.0 ,CGM , social media, conversational media) Brand Noise: Fashion It-Girl Luella for Target (tags: womm, marketing, advertising) Web Services Upend Old Ideas About the Little Guy’s Role – New York Times Authentic Fossil (tags: branding, design,… Continue reading links for 2006-02-22