Google: This One Is A Brilliant Move

by Marianne Richmond on February 22, 2006

Google appointed Dr. Larry Brilliant to head its corporate philantrophic program,

Google has pledged 1% of its annual profits and 1% of its stock with a current value of 1$ billion to Dr. Brilliant according to the WSJ has had extensive non-profit public health and private-sector tecnology experience. His background includes working to eradicate small pox in India and serving as a physician to members of the Grateful Dead. has defined several initial directions: The Acumen Fund which invests in market-based solutions to global poverty, TechnoServe which supports entrepreneurship,  Water Research in Western Kenya, Planet Read an organization that works to improve literacy in India, and the Google Grants program that provides free advertising to non-profits.

Dr. Brilliant says he is going to provide a focus on conquering public health issues as a necessary part of conquering poverty. The WSJ quotes Dr. Brilliant as saying that the Google motto, "Don’t be evil" is what brought him to the Google job, "Its very hard to find another company that starts out on a conscious path to do good and not do evil," he said.

I guess his favorite Grateful Dead song was probably not, Friend of the Devil.

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