Inter-tainment: Surfin’ USA

by Marianne Richmond on February 16, 2006

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project "surfing for fun" is something that two-thirds of all Internet users do online; it follows using search engines and emails and ties with reading the news. Given the inherent reluctance that people might have in admitting that they surf for fun…the Playboy Effect, as in "I only read the articles" it is possible that the entertainment value of the internet may even be understated.

Translating this into numbers, 40million people said they were "surfing for fun" which is up from 25mm in November 2004. A new report by Jupiter Research says that online consumers spend 14 hours per week online which is equal to the amount of time that they spend watching TV. The report, "US Entertainment and Media Consumer Survey" written by Barry Parr says that in 2005 TV use increased and consumers are now spending the same amount of time on line.

Other media such as magazines, newspapers, and books according to Parr, are being displaced by TV and the Internet. 37% of the 14 hour crowd report that they are spending less time reading because of their Internet activities. So, the lesson for advertisers does not really ever change: fish where the fish are…and they are online. And the consumer is controlling the information. The strategy is "pull, don’t push" here.

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