Blogging Irony: We Encourage Corporations to Blog as our Business but Discourage Them by our Behavior

As part of my consulting business I promote blogging to businesses, service professionals, and non-profits. Many consultants, Advertising and PR bloggers do the same thing. We tell them it is an easy, inexpensive way to build businesses and brands; we say, blogs build relationships and join the conversation.And we say the best way to learn… Continue reading Blogging Irony: We Encourage Corporations to Blog as our Business but Discourage Them by our Behavior

Attention: Giving It and Getting It

Dave Pollard writes in How to Save the World that "What people seek from others more than anything else, is attention and appreciation." He references an earlier post where he wrote, "It’s really all about attention, and paying attention. The attention we pay to others, and that others pay to us, defines us, far more… Continue reading Attention: Giving It and Getting It

links for 2006-03-29

Dancing with Google’s spiders | SEO according to the Economist. (tags: google, search, SEO, blogs, marketing, SEM, links) Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim: Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide Updated March 28, 2006…all encompassing guide to monitoring. (tags: advertising , blogs, metrics, reputation, CGM,monitoring,tools, tags)


Keotag is an awesome new tool that searches the social software tools by keyword, gives you the icon link, and then sends you to the list links of the posts. Keotag also will generate the code for the tags of your choice for Technorati, del.ici.ous, or Ice Rocket. Its simple, easy and does the job….I… Continue reading Keotag!

links for 2006-03-27

Neurofuture and there you have it: a contest for inspiring new “neurowords” is won by neurologism: a word created by adding the pre-fix “neuro” to any other word. (tags: neuroscience ,advertising, brain, blogs, jargon, buzzwords)

links for 2006-03-26

Teenage auteur ignites buzz about video graphics | CNET (tags: youtube ,video, buzz, buzz marketing, viral, word of mouth, WOM, advertising, media)

links for 2006-03-25

Grant Thornton LLP – Grant Thornton Survey of U.S. Business Leaders (tags: CEOs, customer relationships, metrics, strategy) This Blog Sits at the: Revolutionary Great advice…"Ok, let’s review, What is it we say we do?What do we do?" (tags: advertising, marketing, crisis) MIT Advertising Lab: future of advertising and advertising technology: Study: Marketers Think TV Ads… Continue reading links for 2006-03-25

links for 2006-03-18

Future Boy: The new attention deficit – Mar. 16, 2006 (tags: attention, ADHD, choices, advertising, information) How to Save the World Innovation Requires Discipline & Patience (tags: innovation, design, structure, business)

links for 2006-03-17

O’Reilly Network — Paying Attention (or Not) to the Flickr Daily Zeitgeist (tags: attention, neuroscience, cognition, advertising,marketing blogs) mobile jones Debi Jones wants to know if we can hear her NOW! (tags: mobile, blogs,technology, social networking)

links for 2006-03-16

TestDisk – CGSecurity Recovery is a good thing…you can never be too prepared. (tags: data recovery, computers, software, files, backup) A New Spark Plug For Cadillac (tags: cars, advertising, marketing, media, creative, change, brands, buzz)