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by Marianne Richmond on April 18, 2006

Johnmoore at Brand Autopsy has taken a Power Point presentation and made it into a YouTube Video. It is such a creative way to bring life to a marketing presentation from a content and a media channel perspective; my words do not capture it…check it out at Brand Autopsy or at YouTube!

Also he adds this FYI:

" I’ve setup a Marketing Bloggers group page on YouTube. Consider this a place for marketing bloggers and business clairvoyants to list thought-provoking YouTube videos centered around sharing ideas and ideals. I plan to create more of these video knowledge nuggets and list them on the YouTube Marketing Bloggers group page. You are invited to do the same."

John was also kind enough to provide the seven steps for the video challenged:

"Re: embedded video… YouTube provides the html code needed to plop in (i.e. embed) the video into one’s blog. It is so freakin’ easy.  And doing a video is also easy … took me seven steps.
(1) Record the audio.
(2) Convert existing PowerPoint slides into a PDF
(3) Convert the PDF into individual slides of jpegs
(4) Import the Audio and the jpegs into Microsoft Movie Maker
(5) Edited it all together
(6) Saved it as a movie file
(7) Uploaded it to YouTube

BTW … Microsoft Movie Maker is very easy to use.  It’s how I’ve done a few audioblogs"


There is an article in USA Today that discusses how marketers are using YouTube and see also Awakened Voice.


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