Technorati State of the Blogosphere: Depends on How you Define Strong

by Marianne Richmond on April 17, 2006

Dave Sifry released his quarterly State of the Blogosphere data today and declared the blogosphere "strong;" which translates into 34.5 million blogs tracked by Technorati and a blogosphere doubling in size every 6 months. Further, 75,000 new blogs are created daily which he says equates to a new blog being created every second.

He also notes that 55% of those creating blogs are still posting 3 months later. So, where exactly do the 45% show up in the data…or do they? I am not suggesting that the blogosphere is not big…I am just not sure that the reporting is entirely accurate if the 45% continue to appear in the total number. It seems to be similar to the way employment data is reported….when people give up looking for a job they are removed from the unemployment data thus allowing for the conclusion that the economy is getting stronger.

Sifry goes on to say that the rate of posting to blogs, however many blogs there are, is a more robust measure of the growth of the blogosphere. He reports that there are 1.2 million posts per day, or 50,000 posts per hour. Yes, that is indeed a lot of posts. One of the next topics for Sifry to report on is the growth of tags. I am looking forward to that because somewhere in all those posts are my posts and I am still not sure what happens to my tags; sometimes they index and sometimes they don’t.

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