Technorati’s Janice Myint Scores Again!

by Marianne Richmond on April 11, 2006

Although Successful Blogs is the place to go if you want information or conversation about Technorati…or even contact info for Dave Sifry….

        “My personal email is dsifry AT technorati DOT com, and my cell phone 415-846-0232
        Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line directly or call me so I can
        make sure that your issue is being handled with speed and resolve. If
        there’s anyone that you know that is also experiencing  problems with
        the service, please feel free to pass that information on to them as well.”

or if you want to “put your 2cents in-what’s Technorati worth -without Janice“.   

But since I have been critical of Technorati in the past, although not of Janice, I thought I would take the opportunity to mention that Janice has once again responded to an email request in record time, corrected an issue on my blog. Thanks Janice, you are awesome!!!

I would also like to add that Janice has also proven once again,  the power one person has within an organization  to shape, define, or change customer perceptions of the entire organization by providing exceptional, reliable and consistent customer service. Liz Strauss address this when she asks about the value of the Technorati Brand without Janice.

Now certainly, Dave Sifry’s appearance and his conversations with customers on Successful Blogs demonstrates that he is placing value on positive customer perceptions of Technorati just as his silence on other occasions raised questions about his valuation of customer satisfaction. I commend him for his efforts, accessibility, and responsiveness. It is however, the expectation that Janice Myint will respond in a timely manner and fix our problems that drives up the value of the Technorati brand. It is that message that is conveyed by positive word of mouth in Internet time.

As an aside, the problem that I was having in Technorati is an issue with Typepad. Typepad continues to provide unresponsive tech support and as far as I know has done nothing to address that issue either by word or action….yes, indeed, just like the browser says, we are waiting for typepad.

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