Is Your Candidate on YouTube?

by Marianne Richmond on July 10, 2006

Church of the Consumer posted the question a few months ago "Is your commercial on YouTube?" and suggested that brand managers should go to YouTube and find out. According to the Washington Post, currently the sixth most popular group on YouTube is titled "Bush Sucks" and has 2018 members and 741 videos. It looks like campaign managers should check out YouTube also.

The Washington Post quotes Julie Supan, Marketing Director for YouTube, "YouTube is a campaign game-changer, shifting the dynamics of how to reach voters and build intimate relationships," says Julie Supan, senior marketing director for the small, California-based firm, which by one measure now runs the 39th most popular Web site. "YouTube levels the playing field, allowing well-backed and less-known candidates to reach the same audience and share the same stage."

Well, that is one aspect of it. The other one is of course captured by the video below which is not approved by the RNC.

The 2004 elections introduced blogs into the political mix; the 2008 elections are introducing a whole lot more. Brand marketing will never be the same and neither will political elections.

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