John Edward and Rocketboom Go Mo’Social

by Marianne Richmond on July 18, 2006

Marshall Kirkpatrick at TechCrunch announced this morning that Senator John Edwards and Rocketboom are using the newly launched Move Digital pay as you go digital distribution service.The service according to Marshall is a easy to use way to turn media into torrents and mobile streams. Marshall has a great explanation of the technology and Mobile Crunch explains the mobile tool. My interest is purely social….and mostly about social media in the upcoming elections.

Interest in Rocketboom? Well, Steve Rubel is calling the departure of Amanda Congdon the "Boom Heard Round Hollywood" based upon the idea that online talent, writers, podcasters, video bloggers will be "plucked from their internet perches" to become stars of stage and screen..if the can "transcend the online world." Alan Jenkins completely disagrees and thinks Steve should be hired by Variety and that Rocketboom is boring. I think Steve’s comments are interesting in light of the implication that those in social media are a kind of farm team for traditional media. That is probably another blog post. Rocketbooms using Move Digital is ‘mo interesting.

John Edwards using Move Digital is even more interesting. Marshall said he talked to Michael Silberman at EchoDitto about the use of MoveDigital by Edwards to distribute content because of Silberman’s involvement with the Dean camapaign. The use of blogs by the Dean campaign was an introduction to blogging for many Americans and is a reference point for blog adoption. Marshall wrote, "He believes that using Bittorent is a very logical way to achieve the goal of using grass roots online volunteers to distribute information. That’s largely the point of online volunteering."

John Edwards is definitely mo’social and clearly the most social media involved of any of the political candidates that I have observed.

Edwards campaign blog announced today that there is a John Edwards Yahoo group in all 50 states.

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