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by Marianne Richmond on July 21, 2006

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a report on blogging this week that highlighted the personal aspects of blogging. The report notes that there are 12 million Americans that write blogs (8% of Internet users) and 57 million blog readers (39% of the online population). Various aspects of the study have been written about on blogs and in the mainstream media. The Washington Post noted that bloggers are "under 30 and Social." Others, such as Benneton Talk noted that although bloggers in the Pew study did not blog for money, there are bloggers that are paid.

 Neville Hobson wondered if anyone had similar information about the British and found that the Guardian did: 11% of British Internet users have a blog, or 7 milion bloggers out of the 27 million Internet users. The full Pew report is available at the Pew site. The British blogger information comes from a report commissioned by MSN Spaces and discussed further in the Daily Mail.

The issue of blogger compensation was most recently brought to the forefront by Jason Calacanis’ offer to pay $1000 per month to those posting without compensation to Digg, Reddit, Flickr and other similar sites. Nicolas Carr has a great post on this topic which concludes that there has not been a market value set for social media within existing price system the but that this is now starting to emerge as evidenced by Calacanis’s offer. Techcrunch saw it another way and believes that to pay the small number of Digg users who create the majority of the content without pay would dilute the Digg concept.

The overall message is pretty clear: Blogs and social media is influencing all aspects of our lives whether we want it to or not. Check these guides to the various blogospheres:

Political: Campaigns & Elections or eTalkinghead

Corporate: Problogger, Marketing Nirvana, The New PR Wiki

Women Bloggers:

Healthcare: Healthcare Blogs

Legal Blogs: Blawg, Law Professor Blawgs

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