Post Production Product Placement: Digital Brand Integration

by Marianne Richmond on July 19, 2006

Marathon Ventures has turned the concept of digitally inserting images into video into a business model to tap into the $3.5 BILLION dollar product placement market. Their process called Digital Brand Integration "enables the virtual placement of brand images into existing television, movies, and other video-based entertainment content" according to Media Post. Marathon has filed for a patent for their system of post-production product placements in video programming according to the NewYork Times.

The technology allows advertisers to place products in scenes of TV shows after they have been produced and as noted by MediaPost allows for new ad inventory without the need for creating new ads. So far, Kraft, Chevy Impala, StarKist Tuna and Keebler have signed up.

PQ Media reports that of the $3.5 billion spent on product placement, $1.8 billion was spent on TV, and the remainder on "other media." PQ Media reports that reality television is driving the product placement market. American Idol, according to Nielson Monitor-Plus was the number 1 place for product placement with 3,052 occurrences as reported by MediaWeek; this was 3 times the number of product placements of the No. 2 program, The Biggest Loser.

Coca Cola was the biggest spender with 2510 product placements on American Idol. That’s a lot of cups of Coke.

One of the addtional benefits of the technology is the ability to use one brand for current programming and another brand for syndication or video release. Additionally, it allows for immediate changes in sponsorships, Coke one week, Pepsi the next. A product recall, scandal or crisis could be dealt with, without pulling an entire show. Or, a controversial show and an advertiser can have their product removed from the virtual shelf.

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