Adventures in MySpace: Ground Control to Major Tom

by Marianne Richmond on September 8, 2006

Just when I thought the the words "waiting for Typepad" were the three most dreaded words in my personal blogosphere, I came to learn that the words, " an unexpected error has occurred on MySpace" were not only expected more often, but more dreaded. And although customer service at Typepad often seems to specialize in not answering the question, there doesn’t seem to be any place on MySpace to even ask the question. And there were and are, lots of question beginning with,"if an error occurs everyday, how can it be unexpected?"

Well, as Toby Bloomberg explains so well at Diva Marketing, we have just launched a MySpace page for the Gourmet Station Get Out of the Dog House Video Contest. And as Toby says, MySpace is a whole new world. And although I have written about MySpace in the past, I can honestly say that writing about it and actually working within it is the difference between, to paraphrase one of my favorite Mark Twain quotes, the dog and the dog house.

We will be blogging this adventure… please tune in later. In the meantime, check out GourmetStation, MySpace and YouTube. And Major Tom? Well, its good to have friends.

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