Social Computing with Charlene Li (More from the Forrester Consumer Forum)

by Marianne Richmond on October 26, 2006

Charlene Li’s advise on how to get started in Social Computing:
Decide how you want to be involved in social computing.
Does it fit your customer?
Map out the relationship you want to build.

In other words, she noted, start with where you are, think about where you are going and what you want to be.  Christoper Carfi has a more detailed post of Charlene’s presentation but I just wanted to mention that from my perspective what makes Charlene’s advice all the more meaningful is that it puts social computing/social media into its correct context. (Also see the Forrester Consumer Forum Blog)

There appears to be a lot of “I want a blog..everyone has a blog…get me a blog” swirling around the marketing/advertising world; a frequent line of questions are, “How will we evaluate whether it is working…what will it do for us and how will we know if it is doing it.”

I think Charlene nails it when she says, to get started,{ like any other strategic decision} consider the ways to get involved, think about  your customer in that context, and map a direction with the relationship you want to build as the objective. It’s a strategic decision,  and when viewed in that context I think marketers will understand its role in the mix.

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