by Marianne Richmond on October 24, 2006

I am in Chicago live blogging the Forrester Consumer Forum: Humanizaing the Digital Experience. Awesome!

Sometimes this all seems like common sense when it is presented from a podium, but so few companies really deliver on the promise of positive customer experience that it is probably safe to say, that it is a real challenge.

In the case of cthere was a simple sounding goal as articulated by Michelle Peluso, President and CEO: deliver a positive customer experience on line, start to finish. She called it championship marketing. 

She began by asking a question about whether or not they had lost sight of the user expereince to focus on price. Price is foundational to the discount travel business, but of course, at what price? Travelocity seems to have solved the trade-off in the true spirit of the new consumer model: give the consumer a choice in the trade-off. Michelle said, “Price is foundational but it is about elevating the experience.”

Here is the schematic that they use for the traveler’s experience. It is brilliant in its simplicity which is to say, the insight itself probably was anything but simple. And they view all of the parts as the whole. Their priority is the whole experience. Imagine if everyone looked at a customer relationship that way. Unfortunatley we could probably say, imagine if everyone looked at a product purchase as a customer relationship.

Dream…Plan…Shop…Book..Anticipate…Travel…Post trip

Think about it…in fact, dream about it.

More later…

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