Five Things Meme

by Marianne Richmond on December 20, 2006

With tags from Toby Bloomberg and Peter Kim , here goes…

1. I haven’t started Christmas shopping…I have started thinking about it; I have not yet reached the panic stage. My children have. (Maybe that could count for 4 things?) ÂÂ

2. I like SnoCaps in popcorn…but only at movies.

3. Every Brand that I have worked on is now part of a different company than I worked for when I worked on them  (e.g. Chex Cereals, Shredded Wheat, Old El Paso).

4. I wrote a post recently about Blackberry phones and stated that I didn’t own one. That was true at the time. I own one now. Once I figure it out….addiction is possible.

5. I attended the University of Denver for a year and half, majoring in political science and wanted to be a lawyer. While there, I did inhale.

And I am tagging: Chris Saad, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Lisa Stone, Nathan Gilliatt, and John Moore

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