Happy Holidays!!

by Marianne Richmond on December 23, 2006

 Christmas always seems to bring upon reflection and the need to find and express some insightful meaning from the experience …this combination usually results in the inability to say much of anything due to the fact that, upon reflection, the self imposed goal of meaningful seems to inhibit rather than inspire its achievement. I think its called writer’s block.

Last year I was able to compensate by using someone else’s words that I had found meaningful years before, David Chartrand’s A Father’s Letter to Santa. This year, I think I will have to make due with using a bigger picture.

So, Happy Holidays…Merry Christmas!! Its been really wonderful this year to meet so many of my favorite bloggers…and to add some really fun and interesting people to my list of favorite bloggers. Yes, I know…its called a blogroll. Coming soon….

And please remember, there are many kinds of Christmas Boxes.…be careful which kind you open.ÂÂ

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