President John Edwards Delivers The State of The Blogosphere: Part II

by Marianne Richmond on December 30, 2006

Back in July, following John Edwards attendance at Gnomedex, I wrote a blog post suggesting that if John Edwards was elected President in 2008 he would be the first Social Media President. Well, he is definitely the first Social Media candidate.

 The Washington Post coverage yesterday was titled, "Edwards Turns to Non-Traditional Campaign Model" and their explanation was: "In the age of the internet, all things are different, including how campaigns try to talk to potential supporters." The Washington Post went on to reference building communities, dynamic messaging and niche marketing, and "individual news outlets," aka bloggers. They declared the Edward’s candidacy a window into the future.

John Edward’s announced his candidacy for President of the United States on YouTube (or announced he was announcing his candidacy). The YouTube video was made by Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron who announced his participation on his blog.ÂÂ

 Edward’s live blogged at the Daily Kos and invited Robert Scoble to join him in New Orleans for the announcement. The Bivings Report explains the meaning of romancing the Scoble .

As I mentioned in July, Edward’s has a veritable showcase of social media tools: Flickr, YouTube Group, Facebook, MySpace.

The Edward’s Blog has a blogroll and even provides a Blog Roundup. John’s wife Elizabeth blogs and so does their daughter, Cate.

So, in my opinion all of this can only be a good thing for a process not noted for authenticity, transparency, truthfulness.

The current cover story on Newsweek , Is America Ready? features a picture of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama with the caption, The Race Is On, as if there are only two candidates for 2008 and the issues are race and gender. Over at Time Magazine, one of the most emailed stories is, A Kickoff for Edwards 2.0. It is going to be an interesting race.

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