WOMMA Day 1: Managing a WOM Program: Amy Cotteleer, Sam Decker, Dan Buczaczer

by Marianne Richmond on December 20, 2006

Citizens for Wii, all I can say is, WowWii.

Amy Cotteleer’s give away raffle of a Nintendo Wii demonstrated the effectiveness of concepts that have been discussed at several WOMMA sessions: sampling increases memorability and if you can’t give everyone a sample, do a raffle (David Clark of Talk Marketing). Also, as she noted, agencies should be extensions of the brand and goodwill is an asset that competition cannot undermine or destroy.

As Sony struggles with the PS3 introduction and fake blogs developed by their agency, Zipatoni, we can only hope that they consider the WOMMA code of ethics and agencies quoting Andre Malraux and discussing best practices next time. ÂÂ

But really, the Wii story is fascinating. The Wii introduction is noteworthy for its well thought out strategy in light of a come from behind market position in sharp contrast with the PS2 equity that Sony started out with and now seems to be squandering. Amy discussed the Wii strategy ( targeting outside of traditional gamers…soccer moms) and ambassador program (party invitations for Ambassadors to send to their friends, Wii and games provided).best question: Where do you find the Ambassadors? Not in the usual places.

For more detail try the Nintendo Forums. For an interview with one of the Ambassadors, go here; pictures are here. More? Here and here.

According to the latest numbers from BrandIntel, the Wii is the most discussed game console…it seems to be working.

Sam Decker of Bazaarvoice discussed some of the principles to get word of mouth momentum going within an organization. He said that at times it can feel like no one else gets it and you wonder how to get other people and groups involved.

Sam spoke at the Forrester Consumer Forum in October along with Andy Sernovitz and although camera-less during his WOMMA session, I had this picture of Sam, Andy and Gordon Gould.

Sam uses the visual of a woodpecker and a peacock to explain his recommended strategy for getting organizational buy-in. Woodpecking is the day to day and Peacocking is doing something that everyone has to pay attention to.

His short list for building momentum:

  • Name Some Stuff: The long tail is taken but keep thinking.
  • Share love and pain: how do you get people to be accountable for driving the momentum of the word of mouth campaign.
  • What’s in it for me? WIIF  Speak the language of your audience. Take a book that an executive has read and use the recognizable words from from it…long tail, paradox of choice.
  • Resolve the Edge Concerns. Address concerns head on.
  • Use Multiple Sources of Confirmation. Interesting third party statistics.
  • Characterize the Upside: ..Accentuate the feature; use visuals.
  • Demonstrate Cross Organizational Impact.
  • Choose influential allies inside the organization.
  • Tell Interesting, amazing sound bites in one on one discussions.

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