by Marianne Richmond on January 30, 2007

Blog buddy Marshall Kirkpatrick, Director of Content at SplashCast emailed me last night that SplashCast is going live today. Marshall has a player on his site and of course there are lots of details at the SplashCast launch site. It is a major innovation in that you will be able to create your own channels of streaming video, audio, music, and narration and make it available for anyone to play on their web page or blog.

What is unique about SplashCast is it is not an online video sharing site, it is a service that lets you play dynamically updated channels of content on your web page, blog or social network page. Second of all, it is a mix media service where you can combine video, audio, music and text and narrate your own story. And lastly, it is a syndication service so that when you create a channel and add new content, all those "tuned" to your channel get the updated content.

Check it out…Marshall has as an intro to Spashcast and the signup is here. They are unveiling it at DEMO, today. And of course, the SplashCast Blog has the latest. And leave it to Jeneane to add the splish to the party.

Other places to read about it: MacWorld, Somewhat Frank, Designed to Inspire, Technically Speaking, Allied

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