Citizen Naptime: The Flip Side of Social Media in Campaign 08

by Marianne Richmond on February 11, 2007

Erin Kotecki Vest, a contributing editor at Blogher, who also blogs at Queen of Spain and the Huffington Post, wrote a post recently, Mrs.MommyBlogger Goes to Washington in which she says she is going to be covering politics from a mommy and family perspective on Blogher and adds," From our petitions to Congress to our courting of candidates, the parent bloggers are shaking up local politics and defining national agenda. Healthcare, childcare, family planning, are just some of the issues the momblogs are taking on gaining them the nickname "naptime activists."

And these Citizen Naptimes are just another seismic shift in this presidential election….this time the soccer moms are publishing their own opinions and observations. We write about the candidates using social media and the internet’s role in the campaign and that is most certainly worth noting; but the hand that rocks the cradle is not only blogging about that, she is also blogging about politics, causes, and candidates.

In fact, there is a blog called The Soccer Mom Vote, Coming Soon to an Election Near You. Their definition of a soccer mom: "Hereby defined as a woman giving those that need it a swift kick in the rearend. We don’t rock the vote, rock the cradle, or even out the playing field: we come to show them how it’s done."

And there is, with an endorsement from Senator Barack Obama:"Despite all the rhetoric about being family-friendly, we have structured a society that is decidedly unfriendly… What’s missing now is a movement. What’s missing now is an organization. That’s why MomsRising is so important." — Senator Barack Obama, 9/28/06. is an online grassroots organization that is "mobilizing mothers and all who have mothers" which started in May 2006 and now has 50,000 members and 50 aligned organizations. They have lots of issues that they are blogging about as evidenced by their manifesto. has a blogroll. has a blogroll for Mommy and Family Blogs. And then of course there are lots and lots of bloggers that are parents in real life. Citizen Naptime goes to the polls….the hand that rocks the cradle blogs and pulls the lever.

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