How Do You Keep In Touch with Family and Friends?

by Marianne Richmond on February 27, 2007

Last week Jeremiah asked people to share their media consumption diet. There were a number of responses.

At the time that I responded,only Chris Saad and Brian Keith mentioned that they used the major social networks as a source of communication. Twitter did receive slightly more attention, but then again, exchanging answers to the question is what Twitter is about.

Brian noted my observation and asked a new question: How do you keep in touch with friends and family? He posed the question directly to Jeremiah, Martin McKeay, Chris Saad, Ian and Zac.

As of this moment, Zac has responded. He notes that he has a Facebook account that he uses to stay in touch with old and distant friends and that he uses Linkedin for professional networking. He also mentioned that he uses Facebook and Flickr to share photos with friends and family. His workhorses of staying in touch are his phone and Google talk.He makes a special point of mentioning his aversion to email..and please do not forward him anything!

My response to the question: I use email, Skype (chat) and mobile (voice) primarily. As I mentioned, I get an occasional Facebookand MySpace email, though I have never initiated email from either. My two sons (14 and 16) communicate primarily with text messages which occasionally forces me to respond in this manner.

I will also note that several of my non-blogging friends stay in touch with what I am doing by reading my blog and will mention that in emails or on a phone call.

OK, so that’s me…how about you?

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