Peter Kim and Robert Scoble Join Media 2.0 Workgroup

by Marianne Richmond on February 12, 2007

Peter Kim, Senior Analyst at Forrester and Robert Scoble, VP of Media Development at PodTech have joined the Media 2.0 Workgroup. Peter, will join Eric Olson in the Analytics category and Robert can be found in Content Creators.

We are very excited to add their voices to the workgroup:

Commentary: Ben Metcalfe, Stowe Boyd, Scott Karp, and Frank Gruber

Tools: Chris Saad & Ashley Angell, Daniela Barbosa

Social Media: Jeremiah Owyang, Jeff Pulver

Mainstream Media: Suw Charman & Kevin Anderson, Ian Forrester

Analytics: Eric Olson, Peter Kim

PR Marketing: Brian Solis, Jeneane Sessum, Marianne Richmond

And what IS the workgroup you ask?

Well, Jeneane’s announcement was my favorite and Chris has all the details and details all the ATTENTION (Of course); But in a few words (Chris’ word)

Media 2.0 is a term used to describe the emerging social media industry. Every community needs some help to grow. The long tail has a head, and conversation needs a topic. So in this spirit, we have gathered a group of people who are passionate about the issues of Media 2.0 to help propel and focus the conversation.

So, you can subscribe to the aggregated feed and/or the individual feeds or drop by the wiki..

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