Welcome to Danny Wedding’s Mental Health Policy Class!

by Marianne Richmond on February 6, 2007

Thanks for visiting and thanks to Danny Wedding for the kind words that brought you here. As you probably know by now, Danny’s Mental Health Policy class is awesome and he really makes it all come alive. For me, this required class at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University was not one I was looking forward to….after Danny’s first power point, I quickly changed my perspective and in fact looked forward to it each week.

If I may step on my soap box for a moment while I have you here and suggest you visit several of my favorite blogs in the non-profit, community, healthcare and social marketing space:

Beth’s Blog : Beth Kanter, without a doubt one of the most creative voices on-line within the non-profit tech space. Her most recent post on How Do You Write is amazing. Her blog is a wealth of information that you should find useful for making the most of harnessing the power of the internet for social good….the left sidebar is a gold mine. Here is a case study Beth wrote on widget fundraising….its a step by step guide to using the ChipIn widget to raise funds on line that Beth implemented for one of her passions, Cambodia orphans.

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Written by Nancy White, who is THE voice of online community building and the author of Blogs and Community which is available for download in print and as a podcast.

Spare Change: Nedra Kline Weinreich writes about using social marketing to being about health and social change. Nedra’s "Most Popular Posts" in her right side bar contain links to great resources for social marketing and some really insightful writing on topics ranging from the influence of movies to change cultural mind sets to the CDC’s use of  Second Life . Nedra is conducting a 2 1/2 Day Training, Social Marketing University, March 28-30 in Washington , DC.

Healthcare Vox: Written by Fard Johnmar, a healthcare marketing communications consultant, Healthcare Vox is the go to blog for healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing and has one great post after another about using blogs and social media in healthcare communications and marketing and…provides lots of other resources including the results of a survey of healthcare bloggers and a free ebook on using social media in healthcare marketing.

On Social Marketing and Social Change: Craig Lefebvre is an expert in social marketing and community-based health promotion. His blog covers a wide variety of social issues from childhood obesity and the media to domestic violence all in the context of social marketing. He has his slides from the first day of his class at George Washington University: Social Marketing in a Public Health Context posted in Slideshare. Very cool!

There are many others.  I hope you all are finding great value in writing your own blogs and the blog experience. Thanks for visiting!

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