What Kind of Media Do We Call a TV Show on Fox News That is ABOUT Blogs?

by Marianne Richmond on February 26, 2007

OK, this is for real and Michelle Malkin is one of the hosts and it is called "Its Out There." I agree, just not sure where it is. The Bad Guy says it owes a lot to Entertainment Tonight. I would agree. He also wonders where the blogger shows are on other networks since Fox is breaking new ground here.

Well, here’s a sample…I guess I am live blogging this because it is on right now.

According to Variety, it is a half hour series derived from blogs. And indeed it is. They are covering blogs as if they are the news and interviewing the bloggers as if they are rock stars.

They tell us in a  breaking news tone, "Hillary Clinton has a Facebook account"…let’s see it live. Kirsten Powers ,a former Clinton strategists, is the other host

John Edwards is on Second Life; you can experience it yourself on Fox News.

"Next, our Mystery Blogger reveals who he is." Yes, they have been giving clues and now they tell us: It is Mark Cuban.

And he is being interviewed about how the candidates are using the Internet. Cuban says, Offline is more important; the web doesn’t drive results it is off line that supports the on line effort. Mark also says that the fact that the campaigns are using the web makes sense to him because the web skews older…older people he contends have more time to be on line. Ok, then…that settles those demos!  Thanks Mark, we are out of time.

OK, so Cuban has a post on his blog about the difference between on line video and TV. He says, online video is a snack. It is short and anyone can put together a snack. TV he says is a sit down meal. TV programming he says are  a product like a meal at a favorite restaurant or a favorite recipe…it requires preparation and time. TV he says is what we have high expectations for.

I think this analogy is just about as off and out there as the Fox show..which in my opinion was down right silly.

Does Cuban watch TV? Did he watch Out There? If that was a sit down meal, the chef should be fired.

Greg Verdino mentions Cuban’s post and wrote about a Wired article about the trend toward miniaturization of entertainment in everyting from content choices to devices.

He then posts a poll that states, "We live in an age where media snacking (YouTube Videos) and traditional long form media consumption (Network TV) seem to be at odds." His poll posed the question: snack, meal, both or chef. The results thus far indicate and approximate 33% were snackers, 33% were producing their own content to consume the content of others and 16% wanted a meal, 16% wanted a snack and a meal.

Jeremiah Owyang also asked about media consumption as I wrote yesterday. Although this is not meant to be  scientific, it appears as that  within the meme,  participants are consuming media online, and it is consumed as RSS appetizers.

Well, the Fox show is probably best described as lots of little junk food snacks tossed randomly together into a half hour meal. So, we  now have a TV show in an entertainment format, reporting about blogs.  Life immitating art immitating life? Old media’s interpretation of new media?  TV2.0-oh? Or perhaps Meet the Press 2007?

Now, that’s food for thought.

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