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Knowledge Jolt with Jack: Online participation numbers in detail (tags: partcipation, social technographics, Forrester) Web Mashups Turn Citizens Into Washington’s Newest Watchdogs – (tags: Politics ,MashUp, web2.0, campaign 08) A quick guide to citizen-mapped agency data sites (tags: web2.0 , politics, resource) Yahoo! Search Blog (tags: Yahoo ,Search)

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gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”: update: san francisco geek dinner, tuesday night “Blogging is not for everyone. Web 2.0 is for everyone….Web 2.0 is not about blogging, People. Web 2.0 is about Cheap & Easy.” (tags: Blogging, web2.0, Hugh Macleod)

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Derek Powazek » Blog Archive » How to Moderate a Panel (tags: communication, facilitation, Presentation , moderating) MediaShift . Virginia Tech Shooting::Can Media Get Beyond Reactive Response to Tragedy? | PBS (tags: crisis communications, mobile) The Official CGM Glossary (tags: cgm, definitions) RSS in Plain English 2 kinds of people, those that use RSS and… Continue reading links for 2007-04-28

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/Message: Andrew Keen: The New Naysayers (tags: social media, blogging, cultoftheamateur)

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Change the way you look at technology (tags: Forrester, IT, business, technology) Buzz Marketing for Technology: One Bad Blog Can Kill You (tags: ORM)

Part 2: Conversation with Charlene Li and The Participation Ladder

Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff released a new research  report today called Social Technographics that expands upon their research and writing on social computing and the ROI of Blogging; in this report they are taking about levels of participation, what they call the particpation ladder. The message is for corporations, advertisers, or anyone trying to… Continue reading Part 2: Conversation with Charlene Li and The Participation Ladder

Brand Google

Millward Brown Optimor announced today that according to their second annual BrandZ survey of the top 100 Brands, Google is the number one most powerful brand. This translates to a brand value of $66, 434 million. Following behind Google were GE, Microsoft and Coke.  Valleywag notes that Business 2.0 asked just last week, "Why… Continue reading Brand Google

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Personas (introductions, tutorials, articles, case studies, and references) » Thinking and Making (Thinking and Making) (tags: personas) First user-facing Twitter feature (Scripting News) (tags: twitter, opml, blogging)