In Memory: April 19th 1995, April 20th 1999, April 16, 2007

by Marianne Richmond on April 20, 2007

This week has evoked so much emotion in all of us, not the least of it has been concern for our own children combined with that ice cold chiller of a thought, what if it was my child. A parent’s perspective of Virginia Tech was expressed so well by Dorothy at Blogher.

But of course this week in April for some odd reason is also the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing (planned around the anniversary of Waco) and the Columbine High School shooting; the other too recent moments that served also to prompt those thoughts of our own children.

 A few weeks ago I was reading an interview with Elizabeth Edwards in Newsweek where she was speaking both about the death of her son, Wade, as well as about her cancer prognosis. Her announcement about the spread of her cancer evoked similar personal thoughts as the other events, though from a different perspective: What if that was me? What would it mean for my children?

She said,

"We just assume we’ll be able to do something next year or 10 years from now. How many of us have said, "I’m going to work in a soup kitchen next Christmas, I’m going to do that good thing"? And we all put it off. And one of the things that Wade’s death taught us is that we can control what we do during the day, during each day. Other than that, we really can’t control very much. Nothing we could do could change that one fact we wanted to change more than anything…..

…There’s going to be a day before each of us die, and you have to think a little bit about how you want that day filled. Maybe when you’re doing that judging thing, think about how you want the day before you die to look. I want that to be a productive day about which I am enormously proud, as opposed to a day where I had the covers pulled up over my head. That’s unbelievably important to me. And if somebody is judging me, and doesn’t hear me say that, maybe it’s partly my fault for not saying it clearly and maybe it’s their fault for not thinking about it."

So, the lesson seem to be, today could be the day before….hug your kids and call the soup kitchen. Remember the victims.

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