P&G Relaunches Metamucil for a younger target..is it really designed to appeal to women with eating disorders?

by Marianne Richmond on April 11, 2007

Morra Aarons at Blogher notes that the new Metamucil advertising with the tagline Beautify Your Insides and this visual of a young woman in an odd  pose is "buiding a market for eating disorders." Weii, they certainly seem to be trying to do so.
Why would an otherwide healthy looking young woman need to take a laxative? What’s the implication of "drop dead gorgeous guts?" Sounds like a Saturday Night Life parody: Do You Suffer From Dirty Gut Syndrome?" Except, eating disorders aren’t funny, are they? About as funny as the homeless people comedy site mentioned by BL Ochman.

As Birdie Jaworski comments on Morra’s post, " What ever happened to eating one’s five servings of fruits and fresh
veggies a day to stay "regular?" Young women do not need laxatives –
they need a whole grain and fresh foods based diet."

WIMN’s Voices quotes the Metamucil FAQ, "Metamucil is indicated for treating occasional constipation… We
recommend you discuss with your doctor the use of Metamucil as a fiber
laxative on a long-term basis."

They also quotes the Metamucil brand manager who answered a question by the Wall Street Journal about whether the campaign might encourage abuse by those with eating disorders" "Most people aren’t getting eough fiber….there’s no long term negative effect" of taking it."

OK, well, is it a product for an occasional problem or part of an everyday beauty regimen? Or, is it a marketing idea gone bad? P&G, I think you need to re-think this one.

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