Professor Kim Pearson: Lessons From Virginia Tech

by Marianne Richmond on April 18, 2007

Professor Kim Pearson at Blogher has written an awesome post on lessons to date from the Virginia Tech shootings. It provides a perspective through which to view the firestorm of information that is heading our way.

Her number nine:

 9. Above all, remember that this is a story about people. Be humane when interviewing victims and families. Give people space. Don’t ask traumatized people to assign blame — save that analysis for the experts when there is evidence to examine. And keep in mind that the aftershocks of an event like Monday’s run deep and wide

How can any of us fathom what the moment must have been like as each mother and father of a murdered student realized that one of those murdered was their own child…and knowing that the moment was going to be the rest of their lives.

NPR puts faces and stories to the words, Virginia Tech Massacre.

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