May I Have Your Attention Please? PARTICLS Launches Public Beta

by Marianne Richmond on May 28, 2007

  OK, I love Particls.

It has tamed the continuous partial attention demon that I was constantly battling and in fact, does exactly what my favorite twenty something Australian entrepreneur, Chris Saad, writes it is supposed to do:  alerts you to important news and information while you work.

Duncan Riley, writing on TechCrunch calls Particls a “smart RSS reader” that is a ticker that scrolls on your screen. That it is; but the while you work part is what elevates it from “smart” to genius.

Using a combination of user inputted keywords, urls,feeds, OPML, tags (Technorati, Amazon),and auto-detected interests it is most definitely the personal relevancy engine for the desktop of everyone who seeks to tame the demon of distraction without missing  the things you really care about knowing.

You can read the ticker headlines. If you want more, you can read the drop down; and if you want to follow the entire trail, click for more. Its all about you!

 There are lots more details and many other features. Check it out here.

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