The Perfect Personalized Baby Shower Gift Under $10: A Domain to Match The Name

by Marianne Richmond on May 30, 2007

My niece and godchild is expecting the birth of her first child, a son, in July. The baby shower is next Saturday. What to get them as a gift? Well, they posted his ultra-sound on MySpace….an auspicious online beginning (Hey Em check this out!)

A domain name from GoDaddy, for sure. What good were those silver spoons anyway?

David Berkowitz offers 10 tips to search engine optimize your baby which begins with a press release the day the baby is born, name in the headline of course. Other tips include purchasing not only the baby’s name as a domain, but also all variations of the name. Other suggestions as you might guess include a blog, video, and tag baby, tag.

The Wall Street Journal warned us recently that Your’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well. Well, back in the pre-Google Age, 1990 to be exact, we name our son after his father and called him by his middle name, Forrest.  In 1994 a movie named Forrest Gump made the formerly obscure first name, top of mind.

At least once a day I had to answer the question: Did you name him after Forrest Gump?  Now, he still gets asked. "Forrest" Googles well….wrong Forrest. Who knew? In 1994, the name choice seemed an unfortunate annoyance. Today, it could be something worse. Along with all of my other faults as a parent, my son could add, "My mother named me Forrest, now I am a Google nobody."

The Wall Street Journal article notes that expectant parents are Googling names to make sure that their kids will have every advantage a high Google ranking can enable. The perfect shower present? The domain name of course, blog to match.

Update: See comment below from Jim Durbin and check out

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