Particls: Real Time Campaign 08 Desktop Alerts ( Stay informed and escape the flood)

by Marianne Richmond on June 12, 2007

Chris Saad sent me a link last night to his latest edition of Particls In-Touch, the 08 Presidential Campaign Edition. I downloaded it and now I am getting real time campaign ’08 alerts across my desktop along with the alerts that I created myself on various other topics of interest.

 If you are a self confessed political addict like Chris , interested in the impact of social media on politics, or drowning in political mire, you should check it out here. I am a self confessed Particl fan and at this point in the ’08 campaign the quiet Particl alerts are perfect for me. After all, this is June 07;we have a long way to go….

 TechPresident notes the term "flooding the zone" for those illuminating or crippling Macaca moments and the meme it has spawned: David All, Ben Smith, Kate Phillips.

If you get caught in a compromising Macaca video, not to worry. From David All: "Flooding the zone” is a term introduced by Chuck DeFeo, former Bush-Cheney eGenius and current force behind the revolution.The idea behind “flooding the zone” is to virtually take organic search on YouTube out of the picture as effectively as possible.

To flood the zone, upload dozens and dozens of random videos which have absolutely nothing to do with the clip you’re trying to make “disappear.” The real strength of the clips you’re uploading isn’t to respond directly to the video, but to confuse the YouTube user and make it impossible for them to find the video they’re looking for. The one thing every campaign can count on is that any web user has a slight case of undiagnosed ADD (attention deficit disorder). If they don’t find what they’re looking for seconds after the search has begun, they’ll tire, and give up the search."

You gotta love ’em! Check out Particls; set your own attention agenda….let’s confuse them.

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