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ITToolbox-PJA-Social-Ten-Topline-Findings.pdf (application/pdf Object) (tags: data , social media, research, corporate) iMedia Connection: Google’s Killer App (tags: Google, analytics, blog social media) Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik (tags: analytics , meaurement, blog analytics, usability, insight, social media) The Promise & Challenge of Behavior Targeting (& Two Prerequisites) » Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik (tags: behavioral targeting,… Continue reading links for 2007-08-01

Danah Boyd Writes The Case Study Within the Case Study*

Back in June, Danah Boyd wrote a blog post of observations about Facebook, MySpace, and class divisions in America. She noted that her blog post was not an academic paper but nonetheless her observations { in her blog post} were perceived by many as something far beyond her intention. A maelstrom ensued.  Stephen Baker… Continue reading Danah Boyd Writes The Case Study Within the Case Study*

Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Talks: Tonight Blog Analytics

Toby Bloomberg’s live internet radio show at BlogTalk Radio will be discussing blog analytics with Peter Kim, Forrester Research and myself. As Toby writes, “Tonight Diva Marketing Talks focuses on social space analytics. We’re calling this one Blog Analytics A Step Towards Credibility?? Social media is fast taking its place at the grown-up marketing strategy… Continue reading Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Talks: Tonight Blog Analytics

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Marianne Richmond! Yes, there are two Marianne Richmonds but fortunately the other one had a birthday on July 21st….once a year is more than enough for me. Celebrating life’s moments is her business and as you read the thoughts she shares on her blog about her own birthday, you get a sense… Continue reading Happy Birthday!

links for 2007-07-17

My 11 Blog Lessons (tags: blogging , social media) Word of mouth marketing is… (tags: WOM) Andy Sernovitz’s Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That!: How to promote a blog post with word of mouth Damn I Wish I’d Thought of That…. (tags: blog, blogging,social media) Write Articles, Not Blog Postings (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox) (tags:… Continue reading links for 2007-07-17

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SEO “Don’ts”: 20 Fatal Mistakes You Must Avoid To Succeed (tags: SEO, social media) Beth’s Blog: Sharing My Learnings about Facebook with VoiceThreads, An Easy Multimedia Application cool! (tags: Voice Threads, Facebook, Video, Social Media)

links for 2007-07-09

Technology’s Untanglers: They Make It Really Work – New York Times (tags: usability, technology, users, disconnect) CEOs Must Be Designers, Not Just Hire Them. Think Steve Jobs And iPhone. “If you are in the myth-making business, you don’t need design. You need a great ad agency. But if you are in the authenticity and integrity… Continue reading links for 2007-07-09