Attention, Distraction, Flow: A Suggestion

by Marianne Richmond on July 20, 2007

There has been quite a bit of discussion about attention, distraction, flow and solutions to it.

 It is this thing that we agree that we all experience; Exactly what we each call it and how to deal with it is where the agreement diverges.For the past four weeks I have been working on something that has been for the most part off line in focus. Consequently, I have felt kind of disconnected and overwhelmed all at the same time….and trying to keep up with the subject of attention but without a moment to join in the discussion.ÂÂ

I have to take a moment to say however, that Particls seems to be as close to the tool Alex Iskold writes we need " To cope with that we replaced reading with skimming and learned to work in an environment with constant interrupts. We no longer have time to pause and reflect, let along think for a while."

I highly recommend that those seeking a life raft for the flood of information that is constantly heading our way and some order to the chaos as it hits, download Particls (which just gets better and better with each new version) and take it for a spin.

I just started reading The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda (thanks Matt) and the first page states: Technology has made our lives more full, yet at the same time we’ve become uncomfortably "full." Particls is all about that dynamic.

Plus, there’s more…..and not a Ginzo knife. Even if you have been out of touch for an extended period of time (whatever your personal definition of that is) you can immediately connect to the things that you have established as relevant. And, the last bonus….the alerts that stream across your desktop (or down the new sidebar) often provide the first "heads up" to competitive intelligence.

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