Danah Boyd Writes The Case Study Within the Case Study*

by Marianne Richmond on July 31, 2007

Back in June, Danah Boyd wrote a blog post of observations about Facebook, MySpace, and class divisions in America. She noted that her blog post was not an academic paper but nonetheless her observations { in her blog post} were perceived by many as something far beyond her intention. A maelstrom ensued.

 Stephen Baker at Blogspotting asked: Response to Danah Boyd: Peer review or Lynching? Well, to Danah it definitely didn’t feel like a peer review….she wrote a response this week to the reactions to her post and noted that she " had to practice deep breathing" while reading various discussions and emails that followed her post.

Rex Hammock, who typically hits the sweet spot in defining the issues, titled his post, Danah Boyd is Pretty Ticked at Those Who Have Butchered her Research.

I wrote about her observations which I didn’t necessarily agree with….I used my own sample size of two teenagers to support my position. Later after the mud started slinging, I noted in another post about the work that Alice Robison is doing at MIT regarding media participation/media consumption issues relating to education and youth, that the reaction to Danah Boyd’s blog essay was a study in new media participation own its own.

Read Danah’s latest writing, among other noteworthy things, these are observations of a not very pleasant aspect of new media participation.

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* Not meant to be confused with an academically sound definition of case study.

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